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Panel Fasteners

Plastic Friction Bushes

Fir tree fasteners so called due to the shape of the barbed protrusions that run down the length of the fastener which resemble the branches of a fir tree.

As the item is pushed into place these plastic ribs flex inwards and then relax to grip the sides of the hole into which it has been inserted forming a secure fastening in the panel or sheet.

Commonly used in upholstery for fixing material over wood as a tried and trusted solution, available in a wide range of sizes and colours you can be assured Components Direct has the right fir tree fastener to meet your needs.

W-Button Clips are ideal for assembling lightweight panels to each other as a cost-effective alternative to screws and rivets. By simply snapping into place a W-Button gives a secure hold in metal, plastic and a range of other materials.

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